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To ensure you receive the desired appointment time, please make sure to book your visit approximately a week in advance. Please be sure to utilize the online booking system, as we do not accept walk-ins.

- Less than 24 hour notice will result in a fee equal to 50% of the reserved service amount.

- “NO SHOWS” will result in a fee equal to 100% of the reserved service amount.


Brows By Nikki is a leader within the beauty industry and has been recognized by various organizations for our quality services and excellent customer care.

We have been featured in Mane Magazine with a personalized interview describing our business and passion for the industry.We have received the title as a "Role Model" for Models of Merit.

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Brows By Nikki has also been featured in Mane Magazine with a personalized interview describing our business and passion for the industry.

1:  What inspired you to begin your own business?

-I was inspirited initially to begin my own business because I wanted the independence and autonomy that came with being an entrepreneur. The possibility of making my dreams become a reality, flexibility to set my own schedule, and being able to create jobs to help others were always appealing to me. Most importantly, my passion for threading and pleasure I feel from helping others feel confident and beautiful have been my constant inspiration and motivating drive. It has always been important for me to stay true to who I am and give my all to everything I do. Being an entrepreneur is such a blessing because now I am constantly able to challenge myself and make my own decisions that I feel are for the best. Hard work and determination has demonstrated that anything in life is possible, if you want it enough!

2:  Have you threaded all your life?

-Basically, yes! Threading has been such a huge part of my life and I definitely associate my successes due to my love for the practice beginning from early on in my life. By the age of five years old, I learned how to hold a thread but had not yet had the opportunity to further practice this skill. My grandmother has always been such a strong support system to me and would allow me to practice my threading skills at such a young age. Overtime, I felt that my skills of threading were up to par and I began working at Just Stringz at sixteen years old. This opportunity allowed me to shadow one of the more skilled technicians and perfect the art of shaping brows. This experience helped me reach one of my main goals of owning my own business just two weeks shy of my twenty first birthday and has opened doors that I had never initially expected, especially in such a short amount of time.

3:  What hurdles did you have to jump in order to receive your current level of success?

-I have learned that unforeseen challenges and problems will inevitably arise, regardless of how much I planned or thought I understood the concept I was encountering. Whether I have been faced with a small obstacle or catastrophic challenge, I believe the most important thing to overcoming any setback is having the ability to be resilient and stay focused. There have certainly been times when I have felt overwhelmed, such as putting myself through school while launching my own business and learning from my mistakes as I go, however maintaining balance and staying positive are essential for further growth and progress to be made. Staying healthy, physically, mentally, and spirituality, has given me an incredible amount of strength and the ability to stay consistent with my determination and dedication despite trying times.

4:  Did you have advice to others pursuing their own ventures?

-One of the most important philosophies I live by is to NEVER let anyone tell you what you can and cannot accomplish. You have the power and ability to set your own goals and reach them! Although it won’t always be easy, working hard for what you want and having a passion for what you are doing will give you the inspiration you need to continue on. Above all, by always keeping God first and having faith, you can achieve anything you set your mind to do and your dreams can become a reality.

5:  Promoting information: Pricing, locations, promotions, and latest moves within your business?

- Recently, the business has taken on new heights and my team and I have done a professional photo shoot to promote my beauty brand. We are looking forward to our customized “Brows By Nikki” t-shirts to be available online once my new website is completed and officially launched. In addition, I have begun doing traveling tours in various cities to get further exposure and I am very excited about the upcoming Houston tour the weekend of February 8th. The expansion of the business and the feedback from my clients has been such a blessing and motivation! In regards to my contact information, I am located in Frisco at Salon Bellezza Tuesday through Saturday and also in downtown Dallas on Sunday and Monday at Pink Toes Nail Bar. For a detailed list of my services and corresponding prices, visit: to book your beauty appointment.

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